3 new European brands launched amid Coronavirus pandemic

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is turning possibilities grimmer than ever for Nepal’s automobile industry, not all hope is lost. As countries worldwide are dealing with what is presently referred to as the pandemic, automobile brands in Nepal, one of the most affected sectors due to the pandemic, show some signs of life. Following the four months countrywide lockdown, a few brand’s cars and bikes launches got scrapped. While some brands decided to delay the launches due to the crisis, some adapted to the ‘New Normal” and adopted it for digital launch. Several cars and bikes launches were shifted to digital platform amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Just as the outbreak spread globally, a group of automobile dealers and distributors in Nepal decided to go ahead with plans to sell their products in the market. Despite the bad timing, the new reality pushed these selling and distribution companies to think differently about sustainable initiatives and embrace digital platforms, even more to create brand awareness and maintain their business plans. These companies encouraged “contactless service” as they adapted to the novel coronavirus and started doing their business.

Amid the pandemic, three new world-famous automobile brands started selling their products in the Nepali automobile market. Lakshmi Premium under Lakshmi Group has introduced BMW products in Nepal. Agni Moto Inc., under Agni Group, distributor of Mahindra vehicles, has introduced java motorcycles in Nepal. Hansraj Hulas Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd. has introduced Husqvarna motorcycles to Nepal. All these European brands are well known for their expensive premium products.

According to the company sources, Husqvarna’s motorcycle has set a new record by selling all the units, while Java is also doing better in sales. Sales of BMW brand cars have also been very encouraging. According to Laxmi premium, the X3 model and both the BMW 7 Series cars have been sold out. The sale of other models is also encouraging.


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