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Crossfire RM-250 Twin
CROSSFIRE RM250 TWIN Price in Nepal Rs. 6,70,000
Available Versions: Dirt & Motard

Although dirt bikes in Nepal have been around for a while, it has not been so long since the trend for dirt bikes in Nepal started among the youngsters. Everybody was talking about wheelies and drifts. No wonder the demand for dirt bikes was going up and up.

Crossfire was listening and decided to ride the wave. Later they went ahead to became one of the pioneers for dirt bikes in Nepal. Recently, they brought to the audience the all-new RM250 twin. This article is all about the new Crossfire RM250, prepared with the intention to answer all the burning questions such as the price of Crossfire RM 250 in Nepal.

CrossFire RM250 Twin Overview

Keep in mind, Crossfire is the only motorcycle manufacturer to R&D Test their motorcycles to adjust according to the roads of Nepal. Crossfire claims to reach out to a new breed of dirt riders with the all-new Crossfire RM250 Twin and to be honest, I believe them.

With the impressive double-exhaust and incredible power delivery being the distinctiveness of this machine, we have more to explore. Let’s start with the engine. 

Engine and Performance

The Crossfire RM250 comes with a 249.99cc Carburetor Powered Engine that produces a max net torque of 23nm and a max net power of 30.15+bhp. The motorcycle has a 6-speed manual transmission and it has both electrical and kick start. Regardless of the specs, the RM250 Twin carries the same Crossfire DNA that cuts through the on-road traffic and thrives on off-roads. Popping wheelies with this bike is a no-brainer. 

Design and Features

The RM250 Twin is made for performance. Crossfire seems very promising about their new Fastace’s Heavy-Duty Suspension. The bumps shouldn’t be a problem to this mighty machine. The bike has a wheelbase of 1500mm and the height is 1270mm.

Also, you are much less likely to scrap the bottom with a ground clearance of 330mm. The headlamp and tail lights are both LED opposite to the previous versions. To top it all off, it is only 110 kgs with is lesser than the older versions. 

Brakes and Tyres

The all-new Crossfire RM250 Twin has two variants; the motard and the dirt. On the motard version, the front tire is of 3.0-21” while the rear is of 3.0-21”. On the other hand, the front tire is 150/60-17 and the rear is 110/70-17 on the dirt version. The tires are from Dunlop, and it is not far-fetched to say that the grip is on-point. 

Fuel Efficiency

The company claims a mileage of 25km per liter. However, expect 20 due to road conditions and traffic. The 7-liter fuel capacity tank supplements the overall fuel economy of the RM250. Fuel capacity in dirt bikes is lower than our regular bikes since it aids in weight reduction.

Fuel efficiency also depends upon the riding style. If you are an economic ride, then expect to go longer as compared to the previous version. The exhaust with power boom is also a plus for fuel efficiency and overall power delivery.  

Specifications of CROSSFIRE RM250 TWIN

Engine Capacity: 249.6 cc Max Power: 30.15 bhp
Max Torque: 23 NM/ 7000 RPM Ground Clearance: 330mm
Height: 1270 mm Fuel Tank Capacity: 7 Liters
Dry Weight: 110 kg Gearshift: 6
Tyre Front: 110/70-17 Tyre Rear: 150/60-17
Front Brake: Single 290mm disc Rear Brake: Single 240mm disc

CrossFire RM250 Twin Price in Nepal & Availability

The all-new Crossfire R250 Twin is available in all outlets of Crossfire in Nepal. Soulful Motor Pvt. Ltd, an authorized distributor of Crossfire has started the delivery of this motorcycle across the nation. The price of Crossfire RM250 in Nepal is set at NPR. 6,70,000 as of now. 

Consequently, the RM250 is an excellent looking bike with excellent performance. Nonetheless, it is designed for off-roading. If you are one of the adrenaline junkies who enjoy rough terrain and bumps, this one just might be for you. 

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