Motorhead Bikes Giving Discount of Rs.5000 on “BUY or BOOK” scheme.

Motorhead Bikes Giving Discount of Rs.5000

Motorhead Bikes Giving Discount of Rs.5000 if you BUY or BOOK their bikes Before Lockdown.

SLR Techno and Trade, the authorised distributor of Motorhead bikes in Nepal, have taken advantage of the latest Ban (निषेधाज्ञा) in Nepal. The company has started a “Book or Buy” scheme before 16th Baisakh 2078

The news is spreading about the Government of Nepal imposing a Ban from the 16th Baisakh for a week. Motorhead Bikes took advantage of this situation to announce the offer, the company’s Business Head, Ujjwal Joshi, stated. However, the offer is only valid in the three districts of Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur

According to the statement, on any purchase of any Motorhead bike, an additional discount of Rs.5000 before this Baisakh 16

The authorised showrooms of Motorheads are situated in Kathmandu district’s Balaju, Teku, and Chabahil, Lalitpur’s Dhobighat, and Bhaktapur’s Sallaghari, where the scheme is available. 

Currently, the new year 2078 scheme “Power Pickup Sab Cha, Naya Barsha 2078 Khas Cha (पावर पिकअप सब छ, नयाँ वर्ष २०७८ खास छ)” is running. According to this offer, any cash purchase of Motorhead bikes will provide Rs.12,000, purchase on finance will provide Rs. 8,000, and the exchange of any bike will get an additional Rs. 15,000 on top of the current market price. Additionally, the company will also provide various other accessories on every purchase. 

Motorhead company has added Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the new offer’s attraction. Under the proposal, the company will allocate Rs.1000 for every sold motorcycle, and after the offer’s completion, they will distribute the collected amount to a social organisation organising a program. 

Scrambler 250, MH 200, Tekken 250, Sports Off-Road Tyre, Sports Road Tyre, Xtorque, and MH 150 are the bikes from Motorhead available in Nepal currently. 


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