OFFICIAL: New KTM BS6 Model launched for all KTM bikes in Nepal

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KTM Nepal has upgraded all of its product lines to BS6 emission standards and has announced KTM bikes price list for their entire BS6 line up for 2020, starting with the KTM Duke 200 all the way to the KTM RC 390. Compared to their BS4 prices, the BS6 models are bit expensive. There is a price increment of 5000NPR to a maximum of 20,000NPR depending upon the models. The only KTM product that remains the same in terms of price is, Duke 250 and RC 200.

In terms of designs and functionality, the bikes come with attractive colour schemes and amazing body graphics. Now in the Nepalese market, the launch of the entire BS6-compliant KTM motorcycles is not just an average day in 2020, but this is much bigger than that. For KTM bike lovers and Youths of Nepal, It is the hot and happening news of the year. This shows just how important KTM bikes is to teenagers. The introduction of the BS6 Compliant KTM bikes in Nepal could be an early harbinger for other updated models coming to the Nepalese market.

The new emission standard, BS6 Compliant, KTM Duke 200 is a completely new motorcycle. Two months ago, the bike was firstly launched in India and now you will see this beast in the roads of Nepal. The motorcycle has undergone the much-needed update and now comes with a modified tank and angular headlamps. It is built a bolt-on subframe. Along with the revised fuel tank, fuel tank capacity is also bigger. The engine displacement remains the same and still continues to generate the maximum power of 25BHP and a peak torque of 19.3Nm. Dual-channel ABS and new paint schemes of Electric orange, ceramic white are additional highlights of the KTM bike. Along with the designs and features, price is also updated by RS 15,000.

The BS6 KTM 250 comes with a few small upgrades, which is compliant with the new emissions standard. Just a glimpse is not enough to spot what’s new on the new model 250 Duke. However, if you give a careful look, you can easily notice that a few minor changes have been made. First of all, the engine exhaust system is thoroughly repaired so that the bike can breathe cleanly. Then the design is slightly changed to make it look different from its immediate predecessor. This includes the new colour schemes of Dark Galvano and Silver Metallic. Besides these updates, there are also some changes in the headlamps, which are now fully LED, including the DRL strips. Finally, the BS6 KTM 250 Duke is also equipped with dual-channel ABS and includes Supermoto mode option, which allows the ABS on the rear wheel to be manually switched off. There is no change in price and which is a good thing. Now, you can have a new model KTM 250 at a price of the old model.

The 2020 KTM 390 Duke comes with a bi-directional quick shifter feature that allows the riders to change the gear without using the clutch. This feature ensures minimal power loss and enhances the performance of the bike. Besides this feature, KTM 390 continues to have some obvious features like ride-by-wire, slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS, TFT Instrument cluster, and LED headlamps. The engine displacement remains the same as its predecessor and continues to draw the same power and torque. The only change is the liquid-cooled FI BS6 engine. Furthermore, the bike price in Nepal is also increased by RS 20,000. The new model BS-6 compliant KTM Duke 390 is available in Silver metallic and ceramic white.

The updated RC series namely: RC 200 and RC 390 have undergone some minor changes. They now come with new graphic schemes. 2020 model RC 200 comes with a dual-channel ABS unit. The engine remains the same and delivers the same power delivery. Projector headlamp and LCD instrument cluster also remain the same. RC390 continues to have noticeable features like projector headlamps, slipper clutch, and ride by wire tech. Unlike its naked sibling, it misses out on the bi-directional quick shifter. There is also a change in the price of RS 5000.

Price Comparison of BS4 Model and BS6 Model

Model BS4 Price BS6 Price Change
KTM 200 Duke Rs 5,24,900 Rs 5,39,900 Rs 15,000
KTM RC 200 Rs 6,14,900 Rs 6,14,900 No change
KTM 250 Duke Rs 6,39,900 Rs 6,39,900 No change
KTM 390 Duke Rs 8,29,900 Rs 8,49,900 Rs 20,000
KTM RC 390 Rs 8,19,900 Rs 8,24,900 Rs 5,000


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