OFFICIAL: Yatri Motorcycles Launches Project Zero in Nepal

Yatri Motorcycles is a startup that was launched by a small team of four young Nepali engineers/entrepreneurs in Kathmandu in 2017 with an aim to design, engineer and manufacture clean energy solutions to contribute towards the economic development of the whole nation.

The company mainly focuses on the field of electric vehicles, lightweight structure, research development, software development, battery systems, and more related subjects. Yatri motorcycles, the ambitious business based in Kathmandu, has finally launched their much-awaited product in Nepal.

The first-ever fully electric motorcycle was launched at an event on 19th December 2019.  Project Zero is the first electric bike that is designed and produced in Nepal and is a result of continuous effort and hard work of a small group of young Nepali entrepreneurs, who have been continuously working on designing and producing an electric bike from the day of their inception.  “P-0” is the first electric motorcycle that provides a premium riding experience while eliminating the carbon emission.

Performance and Power

The first-ever fully electric bike, project Zero completely runs on a battery. The battery has a maximum capacity of 6 kWh and has a maximum shelf life. The company has offered 8 years of warranty on the battery, which is a tantalizing highlight of the bike. The 30KW battery powers the bike to cover a decent distance of 230KM on a single charge.

The full battery charging time as per the Company claim is only 2 hours. Performance and power is a rare combination that you can find in this bike.  Ashim Pandey says, ”Project Zero is a high-performance eco-friendly bike in Nepal that has the power to compete for other fuel-powered bikes in Nepal.”

Design and features

Project Zero has a futuristic design as if it is designed by world-class designers like Kiska. The sharp and aggressive look of the bike may confuse you with Tesla’s baby at first glance. The bike is designed in such a way that it catches the eye at a glance. The Café racer motorcycle-based design of the electric bike is praiseworthy. The round headlight and chiseled body enhances the sporty appeal of the bike.

The short handle resembles the normal café racer bikes. The side-looking mirror is placed only on the right side of the bike, which makes it a piece of cake for the bike enthusiasts. Additionally, the light carbon fiber used in the bike makes it a lightweight bike. Furthermore, the bike has its own ecosystem app known as Yatri Hub.

Speaking about the features of the first electric bike, Project zero is equipped with a 7-inch Full-HD display as an instrument cluster that gives every bit of information like normal bikes. The instrument cluster gives information like telemetry data and navigation, operating temperature and fuel cost savings. The display is bright and does a better job as other normal TFT displays do. Additionally, the display offers street maps and other important information.

Safety features

The bike has world-class safety features. Braking duty is handled by the hydraulic brake on the right side. Disc brakes are available on both front and rear that provide great stopping power to the bike. Talking about the suspension system, Project Zero comes with a dual-shock at the front and a mono-shock at the back for suspension support. The suspension system promotes the comfortable riding experience in the uneven road surfaces of Nepal. The bigger and wider tires provide the better gripping power to the bike.

Price and Availability

The price of the electric bike is not announced officially at the launch. As of now, we can only make a guess about the bike price in Nepal. The price could go well over 3.5 lakhs in Nepal. For the exact bike price, you have to wait until March 2020, when the bike will be officially available for the test ride.


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