Runner Hawk: Runner Motorcycle’s First Dirt Bike Launched in Nepal

Runner Hawk Price in Nepal

Raman Motors, the authorized distributor of Runner motorcycles in Nepal, launched the all-new Runner Hawk 200cc Dirt bike in April 2019. Hawk, named after its design inspired by the real hawk, is a budget sport bike introduced by a Bangladesh brand, Runner. The 200cc dirt bike is available for Rs. 3,99,000.

Runner Hawk Overview

Runner Hawk is a new bike in the dirt segment introduced by Runner Motorcycles for the first time. The on-road and off-road bike provides great comfort while riding on-road as well as a multi-verse off-road experience.

Design And Features

The 200cc Dirt Bike design is similar to the standard dirt bike with a stylish and semi-naked body and is identical to Honda XR with a red and white combo. The headlight is diamond-faceted, and the backlight makes it an excellent sportbike for both on and off-roading experiences. 

Runner Hawk is launched with an analog-digital instrument cluster. The entire looks and the sensation of the dirtbike are similar to that of the Honda XR190L. The bike’s other features include a speedometer, trip meter, clock, fuel gauge, and gear position indicator.

One unique feature of the 200cc bike is the key slot, where the upper part of the key consists of an unusual design that opens the key slot. It also protects the key slot from theft and water.

The Dirtbike seat is slip-resistant, has a smooth outline, and is appropriately designed to give you a comfortable ride. The exhaust is reinforced with a heat-proof panel, the mudguard in front is beak-shaped, and the chrome-plated tail provides the bike with a stylish look.

Engine and Performance

The Runner Hawk Dirt Bike is powered by a 200cc engine, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, Air-cooled, Petrol engine with CG balance. The maximum power produced by the 200cc engine is 14.02 bhp at 7500 rpm and the peak torque of 17.5 Nm at 6500 rpm

Runner Hawk Engine

Runner Hawk 200cc Dirt Bike is mated to 5-speed manual transmission. It also has a fuel tank of 7-liter capacity with 1.5 liters on the reserve. The mileage provided by the 200cc engine is around 30-40 km per liter. 

Brakes and Tires

The Runner Hawk is provided with both rear and front disc brakes, making the stop-and-go function suitable. The bike tires have high teeth, which provide a firm grip and prevent the bike from skidding.

The Runner Hawk suspension on the front has an upside-down (USD) fork suspension, and the rear with a central shock absorber. The suspension’s advantage is that it offers a comfortable ride and reduced vibration. The wheelbase of the 250cc dirtbike is 1360mm.

Runner Hawk Tire

The bike is excellent for off-road action, with the same performance on the smoother roads. The ground clearance of the off-road bike is 260mm

Runner Hawk 200cc Price in Nepal and Availability

The 200cc Dirt Bike is currently available in the authorized showroom of Raman Motors, located in Bagdol. The Runner Hawk is available at Rs. 3,99,000 with a two-year warranty. You can visit the showroom for more information about the bike and book a test ride for yourself.


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