Yamaha MT 15 : Pros and Cons of The Dark Warrior

This attention-grabbing stylish, sporty and aggressive looks of Yamaha MT-15 has created a buzz among Nepalese youth. Styling is different than its siblings as well as from other bikes also. The MT line-up of Yamaha offers each customer the opportunity to enjoy the exciting torque, exceptional agility, and aggressive style. With a softer suspension system, MT-15 is far more forward, making it perfect for city driving. MT-15 looks different because the seating position is upright and relaxed, the headlights are led where the fuel tank looks brazen and violent.  this bike is technologically advanced. it looks like a beast because of Chin down face model combined with upright forks and bifunctional led lights. Even though it has cons its is one the best bike for Nepali road to experience the best riding like a warrior.



Design is the best part of this bike. It has very stylish and sporty looks with the thin tail segment, the unique facial expressions, and sporty riding position. This is hyper naked bike from Yamaha.


Yamaha MT-15’s engine is paired to a six-speed transmission. The engine of this bike R15 V3 with class power 19 ps at rpm 10,000, 155.1cc, 4 valve, SOHC, four-stroke, 14.7 Nm of torque at 8,500 rpm and single cylinder which give the best performance.

Yamaha MT 15 engine

Slip and Assist Clutch:

The action of the clutch is light and accurate and the slipper clutch allows you to aggressively downshift without locking up the rear wheel. This makes the MT-15 at the same time more involved and safer to ride.

Riding position:

The riding position is of MT 15 is very good because handle bears aren’t too low and pegs are set back. The rider can ride in a relaxed position. The lack of a fairing translates into unimpeded visibility, which makes it easy to slice the bike through traffic.

Bifunctional LED headlights:

High and low beams have been incorporated into a single compact module, making it technologically advanced and a class first. The elegance of the MT-15 consists of a sleek, lightweight headlight for the MT version.

Deltabox Frame:

The new MT 15 has a new Deltabox frame with an excellent stiffness balance. The top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle with a Deltabox frame, hence the “Deltabox” provides an excellent stiffness balance.

Variable Valve Actuation:

There are available two types of intake valves one is low and another one is mid-range and next is for high rpm and they switch at  7,400 rpm to ensure power and torque of the bike.

Pick up:

Pick up of this very good because of the best features of the engine available on this bike. Due to pick up this bike it is best for the city like Kathmandu.

Raised LED Tail Light:

The raised tail of this dark warrior calls for attention with its ultra-sleek and edgy LED light cutting through the night.

Yamaha Mt-15 tail-light

Fuel efficiency:

Fuel tanka capacity of the MT-15 is 10L and milage is 40-45kmpl also the top speed of this bike is 130kmph.


This bike is counted as one of the lightweight bikes. it just 138 kg. because of lightweight, this bike is very agile.



The brakes do not have the initial bite and can get a little hairy Tyres if the bike is slow down quickly.


This is overpriced because there are other bikes with the bigger engine, more power, and dual-channel cheaper than this like FZ25.  This bike only offers single-channel abs, no USD Forks.


This bike is available only in two colors in Nepal even though the bike is very popular because of musty color. Because of unique looks on the front as well as back this bike needs to be available on a variety of colors.

Cramped seat:

Because of the handlebar is positioned close to the rider, they feel a little bit uncomfortable while riding.

Awkwardly placed switchgear:

Even though switchgear replaces with smaller units this is very awkward so partially riders take hands off the handlebar grip to operate.

No USD Forks:

Most bikes come with standard forks but skipping of USD forks is not a good sign for bike sign when the price is expensive

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