OFFICIAL: Honda Car Price in Nepal [2020 UPDATED LIST]

Honda Car Price in Nepal

Honda is a popular name in Nepal and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobiles. The sole authorized distributor of Honda Car in Nepal is Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd, which is a part of the Jyoti Group. The Company was established in 1976 and since the date of its inception, the company has been continuously selling Honda products in Nepal and as of now, it deals in Honda Motorcycles & Scooters, Honda Cars, and all types Honda Power Products.

Honda Car Price in Nepal

Model Name Engine Capacity MRP
Honda Amaze EMT 1198 Rs. 32,29,000
Honda Amaze SMT 1198 Rs. 35,65,000
Honda Amaze S-CVT 1198 Rs. 40,90,000
Honda Amaze V-MT 1198 Rs. 38,90,000
Honda Amaze V-CVT 1198 Rs. 42,90,000
Honda Amaze VX-MT 1198 Rs. 41,50,000
Honda Jazz V-MT 1199 Rs. 39,50,000
Honda Jazz V-CVT 1199 Rs. 46,90,000
Honda Jazz VX-MT 1199 Rs. 43,50,000
Honda Jazz VX-CVT 1199 Rs. 48,90,000
Honda CITY S-VMT 1497 Rs. 48,90,000
Honda CITY VMT 1497 Rs. 50,90,000
Honda CITY V-CVT 1497 Rs. 55,25,000
Honda CITY VX-MT 1497 Rs. 56,00,000
Honda CITY VX-CVT 1497 Rs. 61,60,000
Honda BR-V SMT 1497 Rs. 50,50,000
Honda BR-V V-MT 1497 Rs. 54,90,000
Honda BR-V VX-MT 1497 Rs. 59,00,000
Honda BR-V V-CVT 1497 Rs. 60,90,000
Honda WRV SMT Edge+ 1199 Rs. 43,90,000
Honda WRV VX-MT 1199 Rs. 48,90,000
Honda BR-V SMT (DIESEL) 1497 Rs. 55,90,000
Honda BR-V V-MT (DIESEL) 1497 Rs. 59,90,000
Honda BR-V VX-MT (DIESEL) 1497 Rs. 64,30,000
Honda WRV SMT Edge+ (DIESEL) 1498 Rs. 48,30,000
Honda WRV VX-MT (DIESEL) 1498 Rs. 53,60,000
Honda BRIO SMT 1198 Rs. 29,25,000
Honda HR-V 1496 Rs. 90,90,000
Honda CR-V 1498 Rs. 1,33,00,000

Honda Nepal

The company was formerly known by the name of Syakar Company until it was taken over by Honda in 2011. The credit for initiating the Honda two-wheelers goes to the Jyoti Group of industries, which has more than 16 companies from the manufacturing, trading and service industry in Nepal. The authorized distributor first started direct importing and selling Honda bikes since 2002.

After the company became the subsidiary of Honda, it changed its name to the Syakar Trading Company in 2011. The company has a showroom at Dhobighat, which is the first showroom Of Honda cars in Nepal. From its first showroom, Company started importing and selling four-wheeler automobile since 2002 A.D. Expanding its business from one showroom, Honda Nepal has altogether 9 showrooms for Honda cars throughout the nation to fulfill the rising demands of its customers.

Currently, Honda offers various models of car which includes Honda Amaze, Honda Brio, Honda BRV, Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda CRV, Honda Jazz, Honda Mobilio, Honda HRV and Honda WRV and the official Honda Car Price in Nepal starts around 29 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 1.33 crore for Honda CR-V.

Where to Buy Honda Cars

Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.

Phone numbers:
01-5153041, 01-5153542 (Dhobighat),
01-4246235 (Thapathali),
051-521889 (Birgunj)


If you have any queries regarding the price of Honda Cars in Nepal, please visit their official showroom or contact them through the above information.


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