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Founded in 1895, Skoda is an automobile manufacturing company with it’s headquarter at Mladá Boleslav. The Czech company was, at first, founded as Laurin & Klement but has been inherited by Volkswagen since 2000.

MAW Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Skoda in Nepal. The enterprise is a prominent name in the automobile market around here. It has been selling some of the brands like Yamaha, Fiat, and JCB in Nepal.

Targeted to the higher-middle class audience, Skoda made 1.13 million sales worldwide in 2016 and the numbers are still going up. The company manufactures premium built sedan for comfort and class. As a subsidiary of Volkswagen, Skoda automobiles are sold across 100 different countries. 

According to the 2018 report, Skoda sold 1.25 million units which is an increase of 4.4% compared to the previous year. Therefore, with the numbers like that, Skoda is without a doubt a well-known automobile manufacturer. 

Skoda sells 4 models of cars in Nepal along with their variants. The cars include Skoda Rapid, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, and Skoda Kodiaq which are available in both the diesel and petrol models. The price of Skoda cars in Nepal varies from 38 lakhs all the way up to 1.6 crores.  

List of Skoda Car Price in Nepal

Model Name

Engine Capacity


SKODA Rapid Active MPI 1598 Rs. 38,45,000
SKODA Rapid Ambition MPI 1598 Rs. 48,45,000
SKDOA Rapid Style MPI 1598 Rs. 52,95,000
SKODA Rapid Active TDI 1498 Rs. 41,95,000
SKODA Rapid AmbitionAT MPI 1598 Rs. 53,95,000
SKODA Rapid Style AT MPI 1598 Rs. 57,95,000
SKODA Rapid Onyx MT MPI 1598 Rs. 48,45,000
Octavia Ambition 1.4 MT 1395 Rs. 71,00,000
Octavia Style 1.4 MT 1395 Rs. 81,00,000
Octavia Ambition 2.0 MT 1968 Rs. 81,00,000
Octavia Style 1.8 AT 1798 Rs. 91,00,000
Octavia Style 2.0 AT 1968 Rs. 1,01,00,000
Octavia L&K 1.8 AT 1798 Rs. 1,02,00,000
Octavia L&K 2.0 AT 1968 Rs. 1,11,00,000
Superb L&K 1.8 AT 1798 Rs. 1,31,00,000
Superb L&K 2.0 AT 1968 Rs. 1,41,00,000
Superb Sportline 1.8 AT 1798 Rs. 1,23,00,000
Superb Sportline 2.0 AT 1968 Rs. 1,35,00,000
Kodiaq Style 1968 Rs. 1,52,00,000
Kodiaq L&K 1968 Rs. 1,58,00,000

If you have any queries regarding the Skoda Car Price in Nepal, please reach out through the given contact details or visit the official showroom. 

M.A.W. Enterprises

Address: Thapathali, Kathmandu
Phone: 014216835/4268788/9801017172
Services: 014386923/ 4386616 / 9801133485

Superior Motor Pvt. Ltd

Address: Gograha Chowk, Dharan Road, Biratnagar -04
Phone: 021462859/9852086127
Services: 9802738163

Euro Automotive

Address: Balmandir Road, Bharatpur – 10, Chitwan
Phone: 056522146/9801368498
Services: 056521091 / 9801368495


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