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Renault is a multinational automobile manufacturer with a strong presence in the auto world. It is also a well-known name in the market of Nepal. The company produces a range of cars targeted to the middle to upper-class demographics. 

Advanced Automobiles Pvt. Ltd – the authorized distributor of Renault in Nepal has successfully launched a series of cars with increasing sales figures. Today, almost every car enthusiast knows the brand and its motive.

Renault produces innovative cars with French styling and cutting-edge innovation. The company aims to make life easier, more sophisticated, and exciting by adapting to the changing transportation needs of everyday life. 

At present, Renault offers 5 different models in Nepal which include Renault Kwid, Triber, Duster, Captur, and Lodgy. The Renault car Price in Nepal ranges between NPR.23.90 lakhs (Kwid) and NPR. 59.90 lakhs (Captur). 

List of Renault Car Price in Nepal


Fuel Type




1 Renault Kwid 1.0L


Petrol   RxT  999 cc Rs. 2,224,533.00
  RxT ‘0’  999 cc  Rs. 2,273,645.00
  RXL AMT  999 cc Rs. 2,196,613.00
  RxT ‘0’ ANTI’  999 cc  Rs. 2,411,663.00
  New Kwid RXT”0″     (MT)  999 cc  Rs. 2,390,000.00
  New Kwid RXT”0″  (A MT)  999 cc  Rs. 2,490,000.00
2 Renault  Duster Petrol   RxE  1498 cc  Rs. 3,990,000.00
  RxL  1498 cc  Rs. 4,190,000.00
  RXS  1498 cc  Rs. 4,390,000.00
  RXSCVT  1498 cc  Rs. 5,146,085.00
Diesel   RXS DSL  1461 cc  Rs. 4,699,000.00
  RXZ  1461 cc  Rs. 5,109,000.00
  RXS  1461 cc  Rs. 4,590,000.00
  RXZ AMT  1461 cc  Rs. 5,346,313.00
  RXZ AWD  1461 cc  Rs. 5,909,000.00
  RKZ AWD  1461 cc  Rs. 5,862,553.00
3 Renault  Lodgy Diesel   RxE  1461 cc  Rs. 4,505,500.00
  RxL  1461 cc Rs.  4,824,000.00
  RXZ  1461 cc  Rs. 5,667,000.00
4 Renault  Capture Petrol   RXE  1498 cc  Rs. 4,814,345.00
  RXL  1498 cc  Rs. 5,090,000.00
  RXT Mono  1498 cc  Rs. 5,392,670.00
  RXT Dual  1498 cc  Rs. 5,590,000.00
  RXT Dual  1498 cc  Rs. 5,532,814.00
Diesel   RXE  1461 cc  Rs. 5,163,704.00
  RXL  1461 cc  Rs. 5,590,000.00
  RXT Mono  1461 cc  Rs. 5,990,000.00
  RXT Mono  1461 cc  Rs. 5,928,351.00
  RXT Dual  1461 cc  Rs. 6,049,116.00
  Platine Dual  1461 cc  Rs. 6,490,000.00
5 Renault  Triber Petrol   RXE  999 cc  Rs. 2,820,000.00
  RXT  999 cc  Rs. 3,160,000.00
  RXZ  999 cc  Rs. 3,399,000.00

*Terms & Conditions

If you have any queries regarding the price of Renault cars in Nepal, please reach out through the given contact details or visit the official showroom. 

Contact Details


(Authorized Distributor for Renault SAS)

P.O.Box: 3127, Jaycees Building, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 01-4256377, 01-4249531

Mobile: 9802028954, 9802028947, 9802028949, 9802028933 & 9802028931


Naxal, Kathmandu

Contact No. 014431254, 014431253, 9802028942, 9802028962


Toll-Free No. : 1660-01-08888 (For Service Assistance)


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