Dohan’s iTank 3-wheeler Electric Scooter Launching in Nepal Soon.

Doohan iTank Electric Scooter Price in Nepal

Nepal’s market is occupied by a wide range of two-wheeler electric bikes and is gaining much popularity. In this context, now a 3-wheeler electric bike is going to be launched in the Nepali market for the EV-enthusiast. Dohan’s iTank is the first 3-wheeler electric bike globally and is making its way into the Nepali market. 

Caliber Auto is the sole authorised distributor of the Dohan iTank for Nepal, and the scoter will soon be available in the Nepali market. 

The e-scooter uses a patented dual-front wheel technology. For the power, it uses Bose’s 1852 watt power motor and the battery is made from lithium-ion, which is useful for a long-distance journey and is not affected even when the bike is tilted. 

Along with iTank, Dohan is preparing to bring its other 3 models: iTango, Uranus, and Isvan. However, these three scooters are not three but two-wheelers. 

An official showroom is all set to be opened in Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu. If the conditions are normal, the scooter will be available within the next 15 days, said the Managing Director, Nimesh Agrawal. 


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