Doohan E-Swan, two-wheeler electric scooter.

Doohan E-Swan Price in Nepal

Kaliber Auto, the sole authorized distributor of Doohan e-Scooters in Nepal, is all set to launch new e-Scooters in the Nepali market: Doohan E-Swan, Doohan iTank, Doohan iTango, and Doohan Uranus. The iTank and iTango models of Doohan are tri-wheeled electric scooters but the other two models E-Swan and Uranus, are both two-wheeler models. 

Doohan E-Swan Overview

Doohan eSwan is a lightweight and maneuverable electric scooter specially designed for a smooth riding experience in city traffic. It is one of the most popular electric scooters globally, especially in China, Europe, and America. The reason behind this is the great performance and wider functionality of the vehicle. The design of the scooter can be compared with Vespa scooters.

Features and Design

The Doohan E-Swan is similar in looks and design to the Vespa scooter. It has a circular LED headlamp seen on the Vespa model as well as the same curvy and retro-styled design. However, the finishing has some chrome accents and is toned down, reducing the overall cost. 

Doohan E-Swan Design

Doohan E-Swan has a large chromed grab bar that provides a smooth riding stance while driving through heavy traffic. The rear of the electric scooter has an LED taillamp and unique indicator placement. The stylish and mobile scooter can be a life-changer for daily city commuters. 

Power and Performance

Doohan eSwan is powered by a 3 kW DC Brushless Motor and is equipped with a 72V26Ah battery. The charging time that the high-performance battery takes is about 2.5 hours. The electric scooter comes with two different battery configurations. 

The single battery variant can reach a top speed of 45 km per hour, while the double battery variant reaches a top speed of about 70 km per hour. Similarly,  in full charge, the range provided by a single battery configuration scooter is 50 km, whereas the double battery configured scooter provides a 90 km battery range

Doohan’s e-Swan also supports a double battery configuration which comes with Intelligent Battery Protection System. There is a quick charging function that can quickly charge the battery for every condition. The Battery Protection System protects the battery from short-circuit, overheating, overcurrent, overcharge, over-discharge, and monitors the temperature

Features Highlight

  • 3000W Brushless Motor
  • Retro-styled Design
  • 72V26AH Battery
  • LED headlight and taillamps
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Intelligent Battery Protection System
  • Double and Single Battery variants
  • Analog Instrument Cluster
  • LCD Display

Doohan E-Swan Specifications

Battery 72V26AH
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Life n/a
Motor 3000W Brushless Motor
Range 50 km (single battery)
90 km (double battery)
Top Speed 45 km per hour (single battery)
70 km per hour (double battery)
Charging Time 2.5 hours (Quick Charging)
5 hours
Tires 12-inch – Disc
Brakes Disc Brakes
Braking Type e-ABS
Maximum Load Capacity 150 kg
Colors White, Black, Red, and Blue.

Doohan E-Swan Price in Nepal and Availability

The price of Doohan E-Swan has not been revealed yet but is expected to be announced at the launch of the product. 

Doohan is also launching three other scooters, out of which two are three-wheelers, and the other two, along with E-Swan, are two-wheelers.

Doohan e-scooters will launch by the end of May 2021 if the conditions are favorable.


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