Doohan iTango Releasing SOON in Nepal.

Doohan iTango Price in Nepal

Nepali automobile market is popular for two-wheelers in the bike and scooters segment. So, a three-wheeler bike will be a new experience for Nepali riders and bike and scooter enthusiasts. 

Kaliber Auto, the authorized distributor for Dohan e-scooters in Nepal, is all set to bring different variants of e-scooters in Nepal like Doohan iTank, Doohan iTango, Doohan Uranus, and Dohan e-Swan

Doohan iTango Overview

The Doohan iTango offers a unique and quite different design and style for Nepali riders. The design of the scooter is different than regular two-wheelers. The iTango is manufactured by electric scooter company Doohan in China. The company shares robust and durable quality while producing the three-wheeler scooter. 

Features and Design

Doohan iTango is the second e-scooter coming to Nepal after the Doohan iTank. The scooter is made with state-of-art technology for optimal safety and durability. The tri-wheel stying design of the scooter is developed with geometrics elements for its body and has two wheels up-front and a single one on the rear, called the Dual-Front Wheel Technology (DDWT-S)

The design of Doohan iTango makes it safer, and more stable as the shape makes it balanced, simplifying the complex general design. There are LED headlights and rear lights along with the LCD display panel. The body is high-quality plastic-made like any other standard e-scooter. 

Battery and Performances

Doohan iTango is powered by a 1200W Bosch Motor, producing a maximum power of 1.2 kW (1.6 hp). The battery in the iTango is a 48V26Ah 18,650 Lithium-ion battery that has a battery life of 1000 cycles. The battery supports fast charging facility and is protected against temperature, short-circuit, over-discharge, overcurrent, etc. 

iTango can offer a range of 50 km at 45 km per hour and 75 km at 25 km per hour speed. The top speed the e-scooter can reach a top speed of 24 km per hour and 50 km per hour. The battery can get fully charged at an average time of 5 to 6 hours and comes with an Intelligent Battery Protection System. Moreover, the weight of the scooter is 56 kg.

Brakes and Tires

The iTango has tubeless tires with disc brakes on all three tires. Also, there is added safety with e-ABS for optimal braking performance and has a maximum loading weight of 154 kg. It has a climbing performance of 12-degree uphill even when maintaining a balanced acceleration and speed. The scooter can also handle steeper hills. 

Features Highlights

  • Dual-Front Wheel Technology System (DDWT-S)
  • Tri-wheel style
  • Intelligent Battery Management System
  • e-ABS system and disc brakes on three tires
  • Roll-lock system
  • Cruise Control
  • Keyless Start
  • 1200 W Bosch Motor
  • Light body

Doohan iTango Specifications

Battery 48V26AH
Battery Type Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Life 1000 cycles
Motor 1200 W Bosch Motor
Range 75 Km at 25 Km per hour | 50Km at 45 Km per hour
Top Speed 24 km per hour | 50 km per hour
Charging Time 5 to 6 hours
Tires n/a
Brakes Disc brakes on all three tires
Braking Type e-ABS
Weight 56 kg
Maximum Load Capacity 154 kg
Colors Black, White, Blue, and Red. 

Doohan iTango Price in Nepal and Availability

Doohan iTango is announced for Nepal while the price and the launch date are still kept under the radar. It will be available in two variants: iTango Classic and iTango HO

The expected launch of the e-scooter is predicted in May 2021. However, the price of the scooter would be reasonable considering its battery and performance. 


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