Doohan iTank to launch SOON in Nepal.

Doohan iTank Electric Scooter Price in Nepal

Kaliber Auto, the authorized distributor of Doohan two-wheelers in Nepal, is all set to launch the Doohan iTank along with Doohan iTango, Doohan Uranus, and Doohan e-Swan. In a market ruled by two-wheelers, Doohan is bringing three-wheelers scooters in Doohan iTank. The Scooter’s price in Nepal is not announced yet, but it is expected to arrive in May 2021 if the conditions favor it. 

Doohan iTank Overview

Doohan iTank is a three-wheeled electric scooter manufactured by the Chinese company Doohan. The company offers different variants of unique and beautifully designed vehicles for the Nepali market. It is popular for designing robust scooters with high durable quality. GoodYear, the biggest tire and rubber producer in the world. It is an American brand that also sells the scooter as model Ego2.

Features and Design

Doohan iTank was revealed as the first scooter from Doohan among the other three scooters. It is the first three-wheeled scooter made in China. The scooter is made with state-of-the-art innovations for optimal safety and durability.

iTank is a smart scooter that connects with a smartphone, providing a digital display instrument cluster. It is also equipped with GPS connectivity and access to scooter applications. The scooter also features an LED headlamp, 120-liter storage, three-disc brakes, and a 9 kg battery weight.

Battery and Performances

Doohan iTank has a very powerful 1500 watt Bosch Electric motor, which is integrated into the rear wheel. This engine can generate a maximum power of 1.2 kW (2 hp) and a peak torque of 120 Nm. This battery can provide a range of 120 km at 45 km per hour and 140 km at 25 km per hour.

The battery of iTank has the highest energy density, 18650 battery cells. The battery pack uses the technology of Tesla, providing control over each battery. A battery management system (BMS) monitors the temperature, overcurrent draw, over-charge, over-discharge and prevents short circuits. The battery’s casing is waterproof and gives efficient heat dissipation for each cell. 

Brakes and Tires

The three-wheeler iTank is equipped with three hydraulic brakes on all the wheels. As the scooter has two front wheels, it can provide twice the braking power than the traditional two-wheelers front brake. Moreover, the regenerative braking system acts as an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in wet and slippery conditions.

Similarly, the front suspension of the Doohan iTank is handled by a Bilateral spring-loaded shock absorber keeping the tires in parallel and ensures smooth tilting. Also, the rare suspension is unique and handled by a spring-loaded shock absorber

The two front tires of the Doohan iTank are 80/100-12, and the rear tire is of size 120/70-12. The minimum ground clearance of the scooter is 130 mm.

Doohan iTank Specifications

Battery 60V26AH
Battery Type 18650 Lithium Battery
Battery Life 600 cycles
Motor 1500 W Bosch Motor
Range 120 km at 45 km per hour
140 km at 25 km per hour
Top Speed 40 km (Single Battery)
90 km (Two Batteries)
Charging Time 4 to 5 hours
Front Tires 80/100-12 × 2
Rear Tires 120/70-12
Brakes (Front) 160mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Brakes (Rear) 190mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Ground Clearance 130 mm
Weight 98 kg
Seat height 749 mm
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 1780 x 730 x 1030 mm
Colors White, Red.

Doohan iTank Price in Nepal and Availability

Doohan is looking forward to launching four new e-scooters in the Nepali market. However, the price of the scooters is not revealed yet and will only be announced at the product’s official launch. 

Doohan iTank is expected to launch by May-2021 and offer a premium vehicle for two-wheeler lovers. The scooter can be ordered with a travel pack providing small storage like that of a small car.


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