Super Soco Electric Bikes Launched in Nepal, Two Scooters and Three Bikes

Super Soco Electric Bikes Price in Nepal

D-lifestyles Private Limited has launched Super Soco Electric Bikes and Scooters in Nepal, with the slogan “Revolt.” The company has launched five new Super Soco models, including two scooters and three bikes. Super Soco CUx and Super Soco CPx are the two scooters, and Super Soco TC Max, Super Soco TC, and Super Soco TSx are the three bikes.

Super Soco CUx

The Super Soco Cux is a 2788 Watt EV scooter with a double-disc Combi Brake System. The bike style is aimed at urban trendy youths keen to change the perspective on motorcycles. The scooter’s maximum range is 85km when fully charged, and the top speed is 75 km per hour. The scooter’s main features include a dynamic LED headlight, USB charging port and storage space, anti-theft alarm, digital contact switch, and a remote key. It also has multifunctional buttons and disc brakes on both tires.

Super Soco CUx Price in Nepal
Super Soco CUx

Super Soco CUx only has a single battery. The price of the Super Soco CUx is Rs. 2,39,900 for standard color variants and Rs. 2,49,900 for luxurious colors variants.

Super Soco CPx

The Super Soco CPx is an EV that is powered by a 4000 Watt motor and uses double-disc CBS Brakes. The maximum range provided by the double battery variant is 200 km with a top speed of 90 km/h.

The CPx scooter consists of a one-push reverse switch, which helps ease the movement when in traffic and dead ends. Some more features of the Super Soco CPx includes a remote key, anti-theft alarm, USB charging port, one-push reverse switch, and storage space.

Super Soco CPx has 16” tubeless tires and disc brakes at both tires. Also, the extra-large seat provides comfort to the rider and the pillion.

Super Soco CPx Price in Nepal
Super Soco CPx

The Super Soco CPx has a price of Rs.4,59,900 for the single battery variant, which provides a 100km range, and Rs.5,89,900 for the double battery variant, which provides a 200km range.

Super Soco TC Max Bike

Super Soco TC Max is powered by a 5000 Watt motor and is equipped with Double Disc Brakes. The maximum range that the bike provides is 110 km with a top speed of 110 km per hour. The bike comes with a 75V45AH battery and has a cafe racer-inspired design.

The TC Max is aimed at the everyday urban explorers. The company offers two kinds of wheels- aluminum and spoke wheels. The bike tires are retro customed, and it also has 3-level riding modes.

The TC MAX’s front tire is 90/80-17 tubeless, and the rear is 120/70-17 tubeless. The Super Soco TC Max includes various features like a remote key, anti-theft alarm, LED headlight, LCD electronic instrument panel, and disc brakes at both ends.

Super Soco TC Max Price in Nepal
Super Soco TC Max

The Super Soco TC Max is priced at Rs. 4,89,900 and is only available in a single battery variant. The bike is available in Black and Grey color variants.

Super Soco TC Bike

Super Soco TC is another EV motorcycle from D-Lifestyles powered by a powerful 3000 Watt motor. The range provided by the 60V30AH double battery variant is 160km, and it gives a top speed of 80 km per hour.

The TC Bike is aimed at the go-getters and those looking to explore their adventurous heart into new avenues. The TC gets a scrambler styling to its circular headlamp and unique seat placement.

The Super Soco TC’s main features include an anti-theft alarm, a remote key, LED headlight, LCD instrumental panel, six-section adjustable panel, with disc brakes at both ends. Other exciting highlights of the TC bike are the Analog-digital meter, High Precision Speed Control, and three levels of riding modes.

Super Soco TC Price in Nepal
Super Soco TC

The price for the single battery variant of the Super Soco TC Bike is Rs. 2,89,900, which provides a range of 80km, and the double battery variant is priced at Rs. 3,75,900 and offers a range of 160km. The bike is available in four colors- Grey, Green, Blue, and Beige.

Super Soco TSx Bike

The Super Soco TSx bike brags a powerful 3000 Watt Bosch motor and has double disc CBS. The bike’s top speed is 80 km per hour, and the maximum range provided is 160km on a 60V30AH dual battery with an average charge time of 3.5 hours.

The Super Soco TSx provides a peak torque of 140Nm and weighs 72kg.

The company claims that the TSx is designed for urban riders looking to escape their daily commute’s mundane-ness. It has 16-inch tubeless tires with a bright headlamp, which provides more protection.

Other features of the TSx include a one-push power start, 17-inch high-performance Bosch motor, a remote key, and an anti-theft alarm. It also has a centralized rear suspension, high brightness display, 3-level riding modes, and disc brakes at the front and the rear brake.

Super Soco TSx Price in Nepal
Super Soco TSx

The Super Soco TSx has a price of Rs. 2,85,900 for the single battery variant and Rs. 3,69,900 for the double battery variant. It is available in 4 different colors- Gold, Black, Grey, and Red.


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